Hangzhen Energy's Intellectual Property Management Standard Implementation Conference was held


On April 17, 2017, Director Liang Fugen, Section Chief Dong Zhenhai, Comrade Zhang Jing, General Manager Tang Chaowen of Zhejiang Zheli Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., leaders of Yuhang District Science and Technology Bureau, visited our company to hold an IPR implementation kick-off meeting. Chairman Ren Weimin , General Manager Ren Chuan, Deputy General Manager Hou Jiaming and the main persons in charge of various departments attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Chairman Ren pointed out that intellectual property rights are very important for the healthy and sustainable development of the company. In the development process of Hangzhen Energy, intellectual property rights have achieved remarkable results and lessons have been very profound. Therefore, we need to establish respect for intellectual property rights, raise awareness of intellectual property rights, systematically and effectively protect our intellectual property rights, and develop new intellectual property rights. And emphasized that it is necessary for us to promote the development of enterprise intellectual property management standards, establish a scientific and systematic intellectual property management system, enhance independent innovation capabilities, promote industrial upgrading, and improve core competitiveness.
Director Liang of the Science and Technology Bureau of Yuhang District introduced the relevant policies of the "Intellectual Property Management Regulations", further emphasized the significance and importance of the implementation of the standard, and put forward guiding opinions on the implementation of the standard. At the same time, he also asked the service organization to cooperate with the enterprise carefully. , To earnestly investigate and diagnose the problems existing in the preliminary intellectual property work, and better promote the implementation of the standard.
The company’s intellectual property management representative Hou Jiaming, deputy general manager, proposed that the company needs to have a department to organize and follow up the implementation of the standard, and have full-time personnel responsible for the implementation of the standard; it is necessary to compile the enterprise’s intellectual property policy and objectives based on the standard implementation guidance agency, and compile it Intellectual property management system documents and record files; all employees need to be trained and implemented in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the intellectual property management system to form records of intellectual property activities, which need to be reviewed and certified, etc., and that all employees With the great attention and joint efforts of the company, with the support and assistance of Philosophy, the company's standard implementation work will be successfully completed.
At the end of the meeting, Manager Liu Liqin of Zhejiang Zheli Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. explained in detail the background, significance and introduction steps of the implementation of intellectual property standards, and explained the key points of intellectual property work in R&D, procurement, sales, finance and human resources departments one by one.

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