Chairman Ren Weimin and his entourage visited Shaangu Group

On January 12, in accordance with the arrangement of the Energy Recovery Equipment Branch of the China Communications Association, Chairman Ren Weimin and Deputy General Manager Yin Changsheng visited the Shaangu Group. Yin Jian'an, chairman of the branch and chairman of Shaangu Group, and Wang Xiaoling, vice chairman and secretary-general of the energy branch, led a team to warmly receive the chairman and his party.

During the exchange, the branch, Hangzhen Energy and Shaangu Group introduced their respective situations, and the three parties unanimously agreed to expand exchanges and cooperation through the platform of the association. Hangzhen Energy and Shaangu Group have also reached preliminary intent on technology docking and business cooperation in petrochemical, steel, paper and other industries. Chairman Ren Weimin believes that Shaangu is a benchmark enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, with excellent corporate culture and management concepts. The transformation and development practices and results achieved in recent years are especially worthy of peer learning and reference. Chairman Yin Jian’an said: Hangzhen Energy’s positioning as a system solution provider meets the development requirements of market trends, and its energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product features are also consistent with national industrial policies. At present, the market and customers have more comprehensive and broad requirements for system solutions. What users care about is the environmental protection and energy saving of the overall system. The Energy Branch shall set up a technical committee and a market business committee as soon as possible, integrate the technical strength of member companies, and jointly understand the common problems of customers, brainstorming to form system solutions, and jointly develop the market. During the visit, Chang Junli, general manager of Xi'an Shaangu Spare Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the staff of the Energy Branch Secretariat, accompanied the chairman of the board to visit the Shaangu Lintong production base and the Shaangu Distributed Energy Intelligent Comprehensive Utilization Demonstration Project.



The production at the Shaangu production base is in order, and the employees are striving to make progress, which is impressive. The distributed energy demonstration project under construction also makes people full of confidence and expectation for the future of Shaangu.

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