Hangzhen Energy was rated as "Hangzhou City's Most Growing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise"

On March 10, 2017, the 3rd Hangzhou Outstanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Commendation and Association Membership Conference hosted by Hangzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Association was successfully held in Zhejiang Howard Johnson Oriental Hotel. Yang Yuan, Director of Enterprise Division of Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission, Wu Yujuan, deputy director, Shen Ligang, executive vice chairman of Hangzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Association, and vice chairman of the association Ye Shuirong, general manager of Zhejiang Zeding Law Firm, Li Jiahui, deputy secretary general of Hangzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Association, The leaders of the Bureau of Reform and the leaders of nearly 110 small and medium-sized enterprises in Hangzhou participated in the conference. At the meeting, the Hangzhou Association of Small and Medium Enterprises commended the outstanding SMEs in Hangzhou, the most growing SMEs in Hangzhou, and the most innovative and dynamic small and micro enterprises in Hangzhou, and awarded medals to winning entrepreneurs and enterprises. Award-winning entrepreneurs and business representatives made exchange speeches.
Among them, our company is the representative of "the most growing small and medium-sized enterprise", and Director Qian focused on sharing his own experience from the perspective of company management. "The company has changed its management thinking since 2014, and introduced professional managers while carrying out shareholding reforms. In response to the problem that non-standard customized products often cannot be delivered on time, Hangzhen Energy uses information materials from orders, production to sales, and after-sales. The joint system has carried out the whole process control." He said that the vacuum system produced by Hangzhen Energy is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, aerospace and other fields, and sales are increasing at a rate of 30% per year.


Hangzhen Energy delivered a speech as the representative of Hangzhou's most growing SMEs

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