Sales Engineer

1. Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product sales and the development of new customers in the industry
2. Participate in bidding quotation, participate in contract review, and be responsible for the signing and implementation of sales contracts
3. Responsible for the collection of receivables for contract products
2. Job requirements:
1. Fresh graduates, no gender limit
2. Majors related to machinery, majors in English, majors related to foreign trade
3. Have strong interpersonal communication skills and team spirit
4. Can adapt to long-term business trips
5. Commission system, no cap
3. Benefits:
1. Annual salary system, according to actual work experience, interviews can be made, and salary will be adjusted every year.
2. Five insurances and one housing fund, double holidays, paid annual leave, annual travel, holiday benefits, provision of vacuum professional technical training, etc.
4. We provide:
1. One-to-one communication and learning opportunities with the industry's top technical experts, senior project management and operation experts, and an opportunity to quickly become an expert in this field;
2. Opportunities to start a business on the internal platform of listed companies and share the results of explosive business growth;
3. Opportunities to assume responsibility, accelerate their own growth, and be independently responsible for business, technical solutions, and project management opportunities;

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